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My 2 Melanomas – Total Body Skin Cancer Screenings Save Lives

I recently had a melanoma removed from my chest.  A year ago I had one removed from the back of my head.  In both cases the cancers were found at their earliest stage so removal was quick, easy, permanent, and life saving.

My early stage melanomas were found because because I have a total body skin cancer screening by a board certified *1  dermatologist specializing in skin cancer every six months.  I would have never found them myself since there were no obvious physical signs on my skin.  Had they not been found, it’s likely my life would have been threatened and the expense to treat them dramatically higher. Read more

SDDI: Is last month’s mole becoming next month’s melanoma?

How Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging (SDDI) can help find early developing skin cancers, help your doctor or dermatologist provide better treatment, and save lives – one image at a time.

Many of us have regular skin exams by our doctor or dermatologist. They’re looking for obvious things – a growth that is unexplained, or a mole that we notice is suddenly changing and is bothering us or altering our appearance.  Often these examinations find problems too late, since by the time a growth bothers us, it can already be a serious issue.

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Mountain Enterprises - Skin Cancer Free

Employee Skin Cancer Screenings – One Forward-Thinking Employer

Mountain Enterprises is a forward thinking California corporation that decided to help better protect their employees’ health by providing screening examinations to detect early developing melanoma and other skin cancers.

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Norah O'Donnell - Melanoma

Norah O’Donnell on her melanoma diagnosis and how to protect your skin.

As summer approaches, “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell is sharing the story of her stunning and scary melanoma diagnosis.  See the story here.