We Fight Melanoma To Save Lives

Early detection with innovative technologies and expanded access to skin cancer screening

  • Skin Cancer Screening

    To Detect Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers Earlier

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  • Protect Your Employees

    Make skin cancer screening part of your employee wellness programs

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  • Doctor or Dermatologist?

    See how we can work together to defeat melanoma using early detection

  • OHSU War on Melanoma™

    We’re partners with Oregon Health and Science University in the War on Melanoma..

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  • Innovative Technology

    Newer, faster technology finds developing melanomas earlier and easier

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  • We’re In It Together

    Skin cancer screening saves lives and reduces heath care cost for everyone

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Skin Cancer Free – A Non-Profit Organization Fighting Melanoma

Our mission is to support the development and delivery of methodologies and technologies to detect melanoma and other skin cancers earlier, improve overall survival rates, and expand skin cancer screening to everyone.

Employee Wellness

Add skin cancer screening to save lives, reduce long-term healthcare costs, and get a major tax deduction.

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If you treat skin cancer, you can play an important part in our Advanced Skin Cancer Screening study for melanoma.

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